Miami: A City of Latino Immigrants

U.S. relations with Cuba are slowly changing and no population is more interested and divided than within Miami, the nation’s most prominent Cuban American community. Listen as Cuban Americans share their views on the issues and challenges facing this historical attempt to reduce tensions and establish international détente.

Roberto Solis

Roberto Solis is a revolutionary Cuban who lives in Miami, but still loves Cuba and likes the way it is. He supported the revolution in Cuba by buying arms in the U.S. and flying them to Cuba. He believes that Miami is isolated both culturally and physically and believes that living in Miami provides him with the best opportunity to change attitudes toward his country.

By: Charles Ledford


Maria Cabrella

Ova Deveron

Sarah Suarez

Roberto Solis

Juanica Marsha

Myen Garcia

Tamara Alverado

Jaime Suchlicki